Practical Christianity

Pray – (1/2 minute)

Read – (3 minutes) “so that your daily life may win the respect of outsiders and so that you will not be dependent on anybody.”
(1 Thessalonians 4:12)

Passage: Psalm 105:1-5

Ever since mankind began to barter and buy products, people have been coming up with inventions that they claim will make life better and easier. In our day, many of these products are advertised on TV and they often seem to be sold at the typical price of $19.99. Before you buy a product, there are two questions you ought to ask. One – Does it work? Two – Is it practical? The reality of many inventions and new products is that they do not often match up to their hype and most products do not last on the market. For those that do, they can make life easier, but they do not make life better.

The only way to make life better is to follow the One who created life and has the perfect design for how life should be lived. God made you and He loves you. He wants you to live your best life and the foundation for that life is offered by Jesus Christ. When you put your faith in Him, He turned things right side up so you can live the life God designed for you. God has principles in His Word for you to live your best life and to give a good testimony to others. God’s way of living works and it is practical. But the best thing is – Jesus paid for it all!

Apply – (2 minutes)
________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Pray – (1 ½ minutes)