Jesus is our Savior and Lord

Pray – (1/2 minute)

Read – (3 minutes) “Remember Jesus Christ, raised from the dead, descended from David. This is my gospel, for which I am suffering even to the point of being chained like a criminal . . .” (2 Timothy 2:8-9a)

Passage: Psalm 2:1-12

I have never had anyone who made a decision for Christ and joined our church tell me that they would not attend regularly after they joined – but many don’t. I have never had anyone tell me when they joined that they wouldn’t give much, if anything at all to support the church ministry – but many don’t. Our church is not unlike churches across America. Why is that? I believe one reason is that it is easy to get distracted with the things of this world and not keep thinking about Jesus.

Paul challenged Timothy to keep thinking about Jesus, who He is and what He has done. Jesus is our Savior and He is our Lord. He is not the human founder of a religion who is now dead. He is God the Son, who came to earth, lived a perfect life, died a redemptive death and was raised to life again so that you and I could have a relationship with God and eternal life in heaven. He is the Lord of all, who reigns over the eternal Kingdom promised to David. We owe Him our life and our allegiance. Think about Jesus and live faithfully for Him each day.

Apply – (2 minutes)
______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Pray – (1 ½ minutes)