Mission: The mission of CWJC-GP is to empower women with employment and life skills through classroom instruction and mentoring in a faith-based environment.
Vision: For women to be role models for their families, using the gifts God gave them to successfully manage their lives through spiritual, educational, vocational, and family relationships.
Values:  At CWJC-GP, we plan and determine to make our lives a living example of Christ.  We will accomplish this through our values: Faith, Growth, and Service

James 2:17-18 says:  Faith without SERVICE [work] is dead…I will show you my FAITH by my SERVICE [works].


Faith in our Lord Christ Jesus.

Growth in becoming more like Him as we build relationship with Him.  Growth in studying to learn skills that we will share with others.

Service by purposefully making opportunities to use our gifts to encourage, educate and empower all those around us.

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