First Baptist Church accomplishes its work through committees and ministry teams. Committees and ministry teams allow church members to be involved in the life of First Baptist Church as their time and resources allow.

Ministry teams differ from committees:

  • Any member can be part of multiple ministry teams. Committees have a finite number of members who are elected by the church.
  • Members can serve on ministry teams indefinitely. Committees have fixed terms of service.
  • Members can join ministry teams immediately after joining First Baptist Church. Committee participation requires church membership of a least 1 year.


First Baptist Church Committees:

Building & Grounds Committee

Administers church needs and desires to keep the church facility and grounds in good working order. The committee also reviews the building and ground financial budget and makes adjustments if needed. The committee works to find ways to complete projects in the least expensive ways while maintaining quality.

Children’s Committee

Supports the children’s ministry and minister by planning and assisting in the events and programs agreed upon by the committee.

Committee on Committees

Selects, enlists and recommends members for service on all standing and special committees, as well as informing members of various committees and ministry teams of their responsibility. The Committee on Committees ensures:

  1. All church committee and ministry team vacancies are filled as needed.
  2. Each committee/ministry team has a chairperson in place.
  3. Each committee/ministry team is actively meeting and serving the church and community according to their defined responsibilities.


Day Care & Kindergarten Committee

Provides support and guidance to the church weekday education ministry at FBCGP. The committee serves as a liaison between the weekday program(s) and the church, and coordinates the activities and ministries of the weekday program(s).

Financial/Stewardship/Insurance Committee

Reviews the finances and operations of the church and its individual ministries, and presents proposals and budgets to church staff and church body.

Music Committee

Guides the music ministry of the church in light of the purpose and values of church life.

Personnel Committee

Serves the church by assuring fair and equitable treatment of all employees, as well as to ensure the church body that personnel practices are in keeping with current and accepted personnel policies. This committee also ensures that sound stewardship of time and material resources are being observed.

Transportation Committee

Oversees the operation of all church vehicles including maintenance, cleaning, and regularly scheduled services.


Acts on behalf of the church as legal custodians of all church business and property, and represent the church in all legal matters.

What does the Bible say about ministry?

At First Baptist Church we believe that ministry is using whatever God has given us to serve Him and the needs of others. We minister in three directions: to the Lord, to believers, and to non-believers. The goal of our ministry is to help others grow.

We seek to achieve this goal by fulfilling the five purposes of the church:

  • To communicate God’s work (evangelism)
  • Care for God’s family (fellowship)
  • Celebrate God’s presence (worship)
  • Educate God’s people (discipleship)
  • Demonstrate God’s love (ministry)


First Baptist Church Ministry Teams:

First Baptist Church Baptismal Team

Assists the pastor when baptizing, ensuring that the candidates’ needs are met, while serving as a positive member of FBC.

Bereavement Team

Consists of two teams of five members each, plus three substitutes. Teams alternate responsibilities in assisting at funeral luncheons. The purpose is to provide a wholesome meal in a comforting, love, and spiritual environment to enable families to relax and enjoy a time of fellowship during a stressful time of loss.

Building Ministry Team

Fulfills general construction needs and minor repairs for FBC as needs arise and volunteers are available to help.

Christian Women’s Job Corps (CWJC)

Empowers women with employment and life skills through classroom instruction and mentoring in a faith-based environment.


Equips members to share their faith as they reach out to the community.

Food Pantry Team

Provides food to families in need throughout the community due to a natural disaster, fire, loss of job, physical impairment, poverty, etc.

Greeters Team

Meet and greets all Sunday School members, church members, and guests upon arrival each week. Greeters direct guests to guest registration desks and assist in locating appropriate classes.

Historical Team

Maintains the records of FBC by accumulating, organizing, assembling, and maintaining files and documents to provide an accurate church history.

Housebound and Nursing Home Team

Ministers to FBC members and others who are no longer able to attend church activities on a regular basis through mailing cards, making phone calls, and personal visits.

Ladies Ministry Team

Provides weekly Bible study opportunities, woman-to-woman mentoring, and special events and programs for FBC ladies and their guests.

Library Ministry Team

Provides fiction and non-fiction reading material to support spiritual growth and discipleship.

Lord’s Supper Ministry Team

Ensures serving items and supplies are in place for the observance of the Lord’s Supper during the year.

Marketing & Communications Ministry Team

Assists staff, committees, and ministry teams by creating and developing strategies for communicating needs and events to the FBC family.

Master’s Builders Ministry Team

Provides needed assistance in building churches, rebuilding homes, and generally laboring to help others in need. The Master’s Builders receive its support from a trust fund created by senior adult members of FBCGP, and expenses are covered by income from this trust.

Media Team

Exists to serve God by assisting church leaders and groups within the church to create a pleasing and presentable atmosphere in which to worship using sound, lights, and video.

Missions Team

Fulfills the Great Commissions by encouraging members to be on mission with God. This team identifies opportunities for FBC members to participate in missions through prayer, giving, and personal involvement in both short-term and long-term mission opportunities.

Moms in Touch Ministry Team

Impacts children and schools worldwide for Christ by gathering mothers to pray for students and schools.

Pastor’s Prayer Partners Team

Pray daily for each minister and his/her family and their ministry areas of responsibility.

Prayer Ministry Team

Intercedes for the Sunday morning worship experience through prayer

Security and Safety Team

Helps maintain a safe and secure environment for all church members and guests while they are in attendance at FBC.

Senior Adult Ministry Team

Promotes fellowship among senior adults, cares for their needs, and enables them to enjoy time together to play games, go on day trips, eat out, and enjoy Bible studies and special events.

Support Our Soldiers (SOS) Team

Supports men and women serving in the American military, as well as their families, through prayer and encouragement.

Victim Relief Ministry’s

Purpose is to be a Neighbor’s Keeper. This is done by assisting the provision of appropriate physical, emotional, and spiritual support to victims of crime, disaster, and terrorism.

Youth Ministry Team

Assists the youth minister by offering encouragement and support in helping plan youth programs and events.

If you would like more information regarding either committees or teams, please contact the church office.