Home groups are small groups of people who meet together to study the Bible, pray and build community. Home groups are pictures of the church in microcosm, an expression of the larger church family that offers a place of growing trust, and somewhere you can be open, honest, and real as you find encouragement on your Christian journey.

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Meet others from the church family and get to know them in a more informal environment.

Study God’s word and be encouraged as we learn from each other and seek its practical application.

Develop practical care and concern for each other and apply the “one another” commands of the Bible.

Pray and care for each other especially during times of particular need.

Develop some accountability for each other as we grow in faith together.

Pray for mission, ministries and leaders of the Church.

Help discover and use your spiritual gifts.

Encourage each other to tell others about the Lord Jesus Christ.

Have fellowship and fun together.